My name is Gentaro Abe, I’m studying photography at PHaT Photo Photography school. I’m really happy to have a chance to show you my artwork today.

Taking photographs is fun. I take photographs of things that I have an interest in in my daily life. But also, it’s more attractive for me to turn it into an art object. I think that, surely, the ability of expression of the various people who have cameras all around the world is growing. Their practice will defy all existing conventions of photography. I hope to get along with photographers or artists like that. 

I know some people have strong opinions about digital and film photography, but I don’t want my photography to be limited by traditional approaches. It’s like how an electric guitar with an amplifier and an effecter can make a lot of variable and fascinating tones. It’s like Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Clapton, some jazz players, and tons of rock and fusion guitar players. It’s definitely different from the pure sound of a classic guitar.

So I’d like to call my photographic expression “Electric camera”.